ICE-NANO+ Advanced Modern Metalworking Fluid

ICE-NANO+ is a fully synthetic premium advanced blend cutting and grinding fluid.

Increase coolant life by 200% with this advanced blend.

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ICE-NANO+ is a modern metalworking fluid. NANO+ embraces modern technology to innovate what a coolant should do for you. NANO+ has shown to increase tool life on average, by 200% for ferrous turning.

Engineered at an Atomic Level

ICE-NANO+ provides exceptional lubricating and cooling properties. These properties can only be achieved by creating our coolant at an atomic level.

Neutral Smell

It is possible to build a modern metalworking fluid with no additional odors. No chemical smell, no outrageous pine or tropical smell, just fluid smell.

Formulated for Longevity

ICE-NANO+ was designed for extended sump life. It does this with a unique chemical composition, modern biocides, and emulsion agents.

Ready for Results?

  1. Increase your sump life
  2. increase your tool life
  3. no additional smells

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5 Gallon Pail, 54 Gallon Drum, 375 Gallon Tote


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